Interview with writer Kayla Wong

A few weeks ago, Kayla offered the opportunity to the young writer’s community I’m apart of to do blog interview swaps and I took her up on it. I thought it would be fun to get to know a fellow young writer!

Meet Kayla

Kayla Naomi Wong is an author and has been writing ever since she can remember. A lover of words, Kayla writes fantasy, sci-fi, and occasionally historical fiction. Her favorite genre to read is fantasy. In her books, you can expect to find adventure and battle, controversy and courage, heartbreak and triumph. To find out more about her life and WIP’s, visit

What genre do you write in and why?

I write mainly fantasy and sci-fi, because I enjoy creating new worlds and characters with my imagination. I love having the freedom to create anything I want, including creatures, clothing designs, and systems that don’t exist in this world. Occasionally, I’ll do historical fiction. Fantasy, however, is my true love.

What genre do you read in and why?

Right now, I’m not reading anything. (I know, I know. Don’t come for me, please. I’m just in a reading slump and don’t have any more books that I haven’t read yet.) In reality, though, I enjoy reading fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian.

What do you blog about?

My blog is mainly focused on my life as an author and Christian. I blog about anything I’m going through, as well as insight into my WIP’s and how they’re coming along.

Who or what inspired you to write? Elaborate please.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved stories, reading, and writing. When I was younger, my oldest younger brother (have fun figuring that out) and I played pretend and acted out stories we came up with. Ever since then, I haven’t allowed that part of me to diminish. I believe God has called me to share his truth through my gifts, so in a way, He is my biggest inspiration.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned through your writing journey?

So far, the biggest thing I’ve learned is finding my purpose. When I first started out writing, I wrote on whatever whim came my way, with no purpose or intention in mind. It took years for me to even figure out I needed an end goal. Thankfully, God showed me, and now I am enthusiastic about showing his truths through stories.

How has being a Christian affected the way you write vs. the way you used to or probably would otherwise?

If I weren’t a Christian, I know I would only write for three things: my pleasure, money, and fame. There would be no end goal if I weren’t a Christian. I would probably write with language and include sketchy scenes in order to please the world. However, now that I am a Christian, I see that there’s a bigger purpose in everything. I want to please God in everything I do, and there is always a deeper meaning in my stories than it seems from at first glance.

What do you want to accomplish with your writing?

I want to draw people to God. I want them to see past the actual stories and see the truth hidden inside. Stories have power, and I’m hoping God will use my gifts to bring glory to Him.

How do you define success, and do you think you’ve reached it yet?

People usually define success as fame, money, and power. However, that’s not how I see things. For me, success is having an impact on people’s lives—being able to change someone’s life for the better. I don’t think I’ve reached that point yet, and to be honest, I don’t think I ever can or will. At what point will I think it’s enough? God has called me to a lifetime of glorifying him. I think success is when I reach heaven and he tells me, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

What is one thing you want to tell other young writers?

Keep writing. If you follow Jesus, and you think this is what he wants you to do, keep going and don’t give up. It will be difficult. It may even feel impossible half the time, but don’t let that put you down. If God has given you a gift, go ahead and use it for his glory. Remember that it is his opinion that ultimately matters. If it seems like your writing is terrible, take advice from others with a pinch of salt, and know that your best is your best. Do your best, and God will bring results.

Name: Kayla Naomi Wong 
Age: 17

Kayla interview me on her blog! Be sure to check it out >>>


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    This is a great interview 😀


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